Strategic Unions:
A Marriage Guide for Healthy Not-for-Profit Mergers

In Strategic Unions, David C. Guth, Jr. leverages personal experience and three decades as a non-profit behavioral health executive to deliver an insider’s perspective on non-profit mergers, likening the process to marriage. Documenting its evolution through courtship, engagement and wedding, Guth sheds light on how to make a merger marriage work—from the first date, to popping the question, to building a foundation for a lasting union.

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Strategic Unions book cover

Praise for Strategic Unions

The brilliance and complexity of David Guth’s guidance is cleverly disguised as an entertaining quick and easy read. All individuals, from the C-level agency positions to the newest volunteer Board member, can quickly grasp the concepts within a short weekend read.

Do not attempt a non-profit merger prior to reading Strategic Unions twice. The first read tells a story and lays out the concepts to be addressed. Like peeling layers from an onion, the second (and additional) readings reveal the depth of David Guth’s experience and his sincere attempt to guide you through a successful process.

Joseph F. Rutherford, MA, MBA
CEO of Mental Health Care, Inc

Strategic Union’s format of a marriage broke the big prospect of a merger into an easy-to-understand process. I have already recommended David’s book to another [organization going through a] merger and have used his strategies myself. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a guide through a merger.

Guy King
Board Chair of Mental Health Care, Inc.

David’s writing in Strategic Unions stimulated our confidence and enabled us to get past the innumerable “what ifs” and get on with the work of envisioning and constructing an organization that we believe will sustain us and our industry.

Richard Brown

About the Publisher

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